Rajon ki Baoli: Mehrauli Archeological Park



 Address:  Mehrauli Archeological Park, New Delhi.

Nearest Metro Station: Qutb Minar

How to Reach: Take auto-rikshaw from Qutb Minar Metro Station

Timings: 6 AM – 6 PM

Opens: All weekdays

Cost:  Entry Free

Photography: Allowed

What’s inside?


Rajon Ki Baoli also referred as Rajon ki Bain is a famous picturesque ‘baoli‘ or stepwell near Adham Khan’s Tomb in Mehrauli Archaeological Park of Delhi, India. A hidden subterranean treasure in the wilderness of Mehrauli Archaeological Park, this ‘baoli’ showcases a stone structure built for water; cool & serene under the hot Delhi sun.


The 16th-century Rajon ki baoli or Mason’s stepwell is so named because it was meant to be used by the rajmistries or masons. Located at one end of the Archaeological Park, the greenery and solitude gave the stepwell and the adjoining 12-pillared mosque a perfect ambiance. The inscription on the mosque says that this magnificent three-storeyed step well and these monuments were built by Daulat Khan in 1506 during the reign of Sikandar Lodhi. Obviously, Daulat Khan had built this stepwell keeping in mind the welfare of local people and the mosque for his own spiritual well-being. In the olden days, these baolis supplied drinking water to the area.

With four levels, each narrowing down as one descends towards the well, Rajon ki baoli boasts of a colonnaded arcade running along three sides of the stepwell. The internal rooms of the arcade once provided a cool retreat to passersby. The rectangular shape, symmetrical arches of the arcade, and incised plasterwork only add to the beauty of the stepwell. Alcoves in the walls used for burning lamps suggest that it must have been a place for social, cultural gatherings, a public space frequented even during night times. It is obvious that the baoli must have seen better days when the water-level was just a little below the third level. Today, the well is almost dry and whatever little water can be seen in the shaft below has garbage, dry leaves and plastic pouches floating in it. Despite this, the structure has managed to retain its dignity.


Finding it may get difficult but it is worth the exploration. Not advisable for early morning or evening visits as the anti-social elements are high.

Recommendations: Gazing into the giant well and snaking your way down the little staircases around this complex is an unforgettable experience! Do visit.

Rating: 3.5/5

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