Animal Farm by George Orwell: Book Review

Book: Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell

Publication: Om Books International

Price: Rs. 99

Pages: 106

Plot: A revolution took place in Mr Jones Manor Farm. All the men were chased off from the farm and the farm was renamed from Manor Farm to Animal Farm. A dream which all the animals were dreaming has come true. Now they don’t have to work for human beings, they could do farming for themselves, milk from cows is not given to any human being they can use it on their own. It was a day when they got their freedom. But to manage their freedom well, pigs made themselves the leader of the animals.

Soon there are some policies and rules, everyone will learn to read and write, everyone has to follow some rules. Also, there were seven commandments, the most important rules of the animal farm. Pigs explained that after their studies, they have reduced the principles of Animalism to seven commandments. They are the unalterable law of their farm. One of them-

“All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

Well, who are these animals who are more equal than others? To know that you have to read this book. In their quest to have a society with values of equality and justice, have the animals of the animal farm have really got it?

Animal Farm is one of the most scathing satires written. A satire on Russian revolution. We will see the ups and downs in the farm, we will see a dream of equality in the society, political ideology in the farm and misuse of the power. It is humorous, it will make you laugh and afterwards will make you feel pity for yourself, because the book is still appropriate as it was, when it was published in 1945.

animal farm

My Views: I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The book is full of humour it will make you laugh, the innocence of animals the turnovers in the situations, it is all fun until you think about it in-depth. Because the moment you will think about it, you will realize that the story is not actually animals, it is about us, human beings. And let me tell you, you won’t just feel pity for the animals, you will feel pity for yourself too.

When it comes to writing style, I found the language little difficult in the beginning but got used to it after some time. If you are one of those who has just started to read classics, then you must have some patience, because it takes time to get used to of the difficult language written in it. But if compared to other classics, this book is a little better when it comes to language.

Overall I would say I fell in love with the book the moment it started. There is no single moment I found it boring. I laughed in the beginning and the book left me with a kind of emptiness in the end.

Recommendations: Read this book if you ever wanted to read satire because this is one the best. Read it for humour to understand how brilliantly George Orwell has showcased human society in this Animal Farm. Also if you want to start reading classics you can start with this book, as it is a short story with comparatively easy language.

Ratings: 4.5/5

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