My learnings from the ‘Animal Farm’ book

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Today I will share with you the thoughts which came to my mind after reading the book Animal Farm written by George Orwell. A satire on Russian Revolution, Animal Farm was published in 1945 (you can read my full review of the book here). When I started reading this book, I first laughed a lot, the situations, the dialogues are funny on their own. But this book left me feeling bad for myself. There were many thoughts which came to my mind while reading this book. Today in this post I will share some of these thoughts.

It is very easy to share our views these days. We have internet, we have social media and millions of consumers of social media. But what I think we don’t have today is our very own thoughts. We face an issue, read an article and get influenced by it. Later, we read another article sharing different thoughts on the same issue, and then we get influenced by this article. And then we argue on social media about which one is correct. We even have influencers these days on social media who influence us to think in a certain way. We are so much in hurry to conclude that we don’t even give ourselves time to read, to educate ourselves and finally to think.

the animal farm
Animal Farm, book by George Orwell

Curiosity, a trait and questioning an important skill which we all had when we were children, but when we all grow up, and all we want to do is to fit in. Instead of reading about a certain issue, we consume about it through social media and that is when we get influenced. Instead of forming inferences, we judge, instead of sharing our thoughts we become the voice of someone else.

When will we start having our own thoughts? Why don’t we educate ourselves, especially when it is so easy to do that, and then have our own voice? Why do we even need influencers to tell us what to think?  When will we understand that problem we are facing today is not that we don’t know ‘what’ to think, it is actually we don’t know ‘how’ to think?

Let’s start being curious again, let’s start questioning again, read, and read more and then have our own thoughts, our very own thoughts. Let’s form inferences rather than judging, let’s learn how to think.

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