Unique Gift Ideas for Book Readers

Unique gift ideas for Book readers.

So you have an avid reader friend and his/her birthday is approaching and you don’t know what to gift them? No problem guys, here I am to help you, as today in this post I am going to talk about some unique and accessible gift ideas for book readers. Without wasting any time, let’s get started:

  1. Bookmarks: Is it even difficult to think? 😀 Every book reader needs bookmarks, so this is always an easy choice. There are many options available in the market, be it metallic bookmarks, corner bookmarks and many more. You can make some on your own or can buy online or from markets. There are many stationaries in Delhi, in Khan Market and in Connaught Place from where you can get beautiful and unique bookmarks.

    gift ideas for book readers
    DIY bookmarks
  2. Bookends: This one is again an easy choice. If your friend has a bookshelf then maybe bookends can prove out to be a great showpiece.
  3. Postcards: If your friend is a postcard lover or has an obsession over book covers then this is a perfect and a unique gift idea. There are many options available on Amazon, be it Penguin Postcards, Roald Dahl Postcards and many more.
  4. Cushion Covers: You can give your friend a personalized cushion cover, so let’s say your friend loves ‘And the mountains echoed’ by Khaled Hosseini, then you can personalize the cushion cover with a print of a yellow feather and a quote from the book. Or if you want you can choose a simple cover edition of the book which your friend loves and get it printed on the cushion cover. So that every time your friend looks at the cushion, it reminds them of their favourite
  5. Quotes: By this, I don’t mean to gift quotes to your friend, but there are many things you can do with quotes. You can get your friend’s favourite quote framed, or written on a mug, or a beautiful jar. If you don’t want to do this you can go a little creative with packaging. You can take a chart paper and write beautiful book quotes on it and wrap your friend’s gift with it. Or you can challenge your friend to look for the quotes on the gift wrapper and read the books from which these quotes are. As I said, there are many things you can do with quotes, so be little creative with it.

    gift ideas for book readers
    This can be a great gift wrapper for your friend’s gift.
  6. Journal: So if your friend is also fond of journaling or if you want to motivate them to write, then why don’t you gift them a journal. You can make it more personalized by giving it a look of a book. Just get a simple diary, cover it with a colourful paper, paste a beautiful picture in front and name it something. In the back paste your friend’s photograph and write something about them, in ‘About the Author’ section. This will give it look of a book, an empty book in which your friend will write.

    gift ideas for book readers
    DIY Journal Cover
  7. Reader’s Log: Book readers love to keep a record of the books they have written. And I understand that not many of us are not very fond of blogging and Goodreads. So what you can do is give them a diary, paste a photograph of their recently read book and add some sections like- Book, Author, My Views, Ratings etc. This will be your friend’s personal reader’s log. Or if you don’t want that, you can go for already available reader’s log on Amazon.

    gift ideas for book readers
    Reader’s Log
  8. Read Along: There is nothing as much fun as talking about book one is reading. So what you can do is prepare a read-along Choose a book which you think your friend and you both would love to read. Set page number for every day, read the set pages and talk about it. This way not only you will enjoy reading the book but you will get to know more about your friend’s interpretation of the book. And let me tell you, talking about books and your thoughts on it can really strengthen your bond with your friend.

That’s it for today guys, these were some gift ideas which I think are unique and accessible too. I hope it will help you in deciding on a gift for your friend. I will see you in my next post, till then happy reading.


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