How to unclutter your bookshelf: 4 simple steps

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In one of my posts, I talked about why I think it is important to give away old books, but the question is how to do that? Especially when one loves his/her books. So today in this post I will talk about how you can unclutter your bookshelf.

It is easy to say but really difficult to let go of books. Especially for those who have some emotional attachment to their books. In this post, I will talk about some questions you can ask yourself or some steps you can take to break the sentimental connection with your books and how to unclutter your bookshelf.

Uncluttering your bookshelf is a tedious task, so what I like to do is not do it in one day. When I did it the first time I just dealt with 40 books a day. The number of books you want to deal with in one day is totally up to you, but I would suggest you keep it small. Now let’s talk about the steps-

  1. Does this book has a profound impact on you? : The first step is to get hold the books one by and one and ask yourself if this book has a profound impact on you. If yes, then you can consider keeping this book. Otherwise, you can give away this book.
  2. Will you read this book again? : The second question is to ask yourself if you will read this book again. If you are not going to read it again, then there is no use of keeping that book.
  3. Is this a rare book? : Suppose there is a book which you right now don’t know would need it in future. So what you can think of is if this book is easily available in libraries or not. If this book is not available easily then keep that book, otherwise, give it away.
  4. Now there can be some books with which you have emotional sentiments, you know you won’t read it but just because of sentiments it is attached with you are dicey about giving this book. In case you are sure that you don’t want to give this book, then it’s okay, but if you are confused, what you can do is write down your sentiments. Write it in your journal or keep it as a soft copy, why this book is important to you. This way you will break that emotional attachment with that book and you will be free to give away this book.
unclutter your bookshelf

That’s it. I always do the same, whenever I have to unclutter my bookshelf. I know it is difficult to let go of books, but I really think that it is important to give away old books as I believe books just kept on shelves are of no use. If you are still not sure about if you want to give away your old books or not you can read my post on it, here.

And that’s it for today guys, I will see you in the next post. Till then, happy reading.

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