Food review Tamasha, Connaught Place

Name: Tamasha

Address: 28, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk

Cuisines: Finger Food, Indian, Continental and Italian

Opening Hours: 12 Noon to 1 AM

Cost: Rs. 1600 for two (approximately)

Cash and Cards Accepted

Contact: 011 33106409

Ambiance: The ambience of the restaurant is the best part of it. It has covered a good space, with open area and two floors. With comfortable chairs and sofas, enough big tables, perfect music and lights, this place will give you excitement when you will reach there. Though there was one thing which we found little uncomfortable, the tables are placed quite close and we definitely didn’t want to overhear the gossips being talked about on the other table or wanted to inhale the smoke of sheesha being consumed on the next table. But other than that, the ambience is awesome.

Creamy pasta penne

Menu: The restaurant offers wide range of food, plus point to provide variety for vegetarians too. Indian, Continental, Italian, there was everything. Though the names of the dishes are quite big, the menu is self-explanatory as it describes the dishes properly. In short, the restaurant gets one more point in terms of their menu.

What we had: We had creamy pesto penne and Bikaner masala crepes. Creamy pasta penne was okay, not so good or had something extra special about it. Bikaner Masala crepes is one of their speciality and we were waiting for it impatiently. To our disappointment what we saw was the waiter bringing something with cheese and a something like a chapatti. Presented beautifully, and looked delicious, but we knew that there is nothing special about this dish as it looked like home cooked paneer bhurji #mazaakhogaya. Nevertheless, disappointed with the name and expectations, it tasted well enough.

But looking at the food, we were sure that the food here is not something very special.

Bikaner masala crepes

Service: The service is really good. We got our food on time, they are courteous and well behaved. Knew their menu well and it was definitely a good experience to have a courteous staff with beautiful ambience.

Recommendations: If you will ask me what is the most special thing about Tamasha, then I will say the ambience. Don’t visit this place for to fulfil your hunger cravings, visit this place to fulfil the cravings for eyes, as the ambience is really beautiful and photogenic (Extra marks for being photogenic)

Ratings: 3.5/5

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