Mrs. Funnybones, by Twinkle Khanna: Book Review

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Book: Mrs. Funnybones

Author: Twinkle Khanna

Pages: 233

Price:  Rs. 299

Publications: Penguin Books India

Plot: This book revolves around a modern Indian woman, describing her simple and everyone’s like family, but with the dose of sarcasm. Actor Twinkle Khanna writes about her daily life, many incidences, some controversial like the one in which she unbuttoned her husband’s(the man of the house) jeans in a fashion show, giving her point of view, again with sarcasm. Talking about her mother in law who is just like any other mother in law, believing in traditional values and expecting her daughter in law to do the same. Her normal house errands like dropping her son to school on time. The weight issues and then being caught by paparazzi when they are not at their best and got these photographs published in newspapers.

In short, this book depicts a simple and not so glamorous life of the author. The book gives us a chance to peek-a-boo in an actress’s life, but in the life when she is not an actress but an intelligible, communicative woman.

My review: I like how the book presents a funny and sarcastic side of the author’s life, which is very relatable to ours. I loved and laughed at the sardonic comments in the book.

But in between these incidences of the author’s life, I lost my interest in the book. Other than the sarcastic comments, I didn’t find anything exceptional and noteworthy in the book. I felt that the writing style may have suited a blog but not a book.

Overall, I would say that this book could not hold my enticement for long.

Recommendations: If you are a  Bollywood lover, and would love to know about an actress’s life that too with sarcasm, then go for this book.

Ratings: 3/5

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