Only Love is Real By Dr Brian Weiss

Book: Only Love is real

Author: Dr Brian Weiss

Publication: Piatkus

Price: Rs. 375

Pages: 176

Plot: Dr Brian Weiss, a well-known psychiatrist and past life therapist describes a case of two soul mates whose entangled life loosened their knots in his clinic. Pedro and Elizabeth two of Weiss’s patients who came to him for the issues which they are facing in their life. In the mid of the treatment, Dr Brian Weiss found that they both have shared life in past. Maybe they are the soul mates, maybe they have loved each other in the past and have lost each other. He faces a dilemma after knowing this, he doesn’t know if he should act as mediator, the one who is the connecting point for both of them or should he let the life unfold in its own way. But what if he is making mistake, what if letting them meet will only deepen their pain. Or it can be that not letting them meet will separate two soul mates.

Will these two soul mates meet? Is Dr Brian Weiss a connecting point? Well as I always say, I won’t tell you everything.

Only love is real
Only Love is Real By Dr Brian Weiss

My views: A simply written book, a book which has a feel-good factor about it. According to Dr Weiss meeting, your soul mate can bring profound bliss and happiness. And this is what I believe in, we all have soul mates, these souls can be our parents, friends, siblings or our lover, and this book will tell you a real-life story of such two soul mates.

The book not only talks about love transcending time and mortal boundaries but also about life and death. Souls keep moving from one body to body to another. Death does not mean the end, but only a chance. A chance to live another life with learnings, the learnings which our souls take from these different lives. The ones we love in this life too move with us in other lives, maybe in different roles but souls recognize each other.

Overall I found this book really good, enjoyable and a great learning for me.

Recommendations: Read this book if you are interested in spirituality, psychology and past lives.

Ratings: 5/5

This book was recommended and gifted by Yukti Vig, she also owns and writes blogs on Colours of life, check out her page.

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