Little girl in the sky: The first flight !


Coming back home from a trip, she was excited. Not because the trip has come to an end, but there is a new experience waiting for her. Her first flight encounter waiting for her.

The little girl, looking at the colossal airport, escalators, so many planes and choppers, everything was new. For the little girl, everything was prodigious.


Sitting on the plane with her family in the front seat she sat alone in another row. No! Not because she was left out, but only she wanted to have a window seat. Making her teddy bear comfortable on the seat next to her, she was looking outside at the hustle around.

Trying to find her bags in the cluster of bags being carried along. Suddenly she heard a voice, “Excuse me! Keep that teddy bear in the overhead locker“. “But where will my teddy bear sit?” she asked her father. The father said, “Teddy will travel from up there in the overhead locker.” This disheartened her. After all, her teddy will not get this opportunity to see the clouds. But it was short-lived as other things were so exhilarating there.

As the flight took off; elation, thrill, tingling in her stomach was all at the peaks. Even her paining ears did not bother her. Plane sped so fast that she could not see things going backwards properly and then it went up, up in the sky, in the clouds. So close to the clouds: the only birds that never sleep. Oh! How much she loved it, how much she relished it.

The little girl grew up, but every time she sits on a plane, this little girl comes back. The excitement, thrill, everything is the same. And she gets a chance to bring out the little girl concealed in her to the world in this very moment, whenever the flight takes off.

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4 thoughts on “Little girl in the sky: The first flight !

  1. I am a plane lover. From Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier to Fokker and Mc Donald, I cherish every moments on a new pair of wings, taxiing out, taking off, cruising , landing and taxiing in. Long haul flights of 11 hrs are my favourite. I would sit back and burrow through a self-help bestseller, alternate this with a rundown of classic movies or some cool country music. One of the experiences of flying is to reflect on the purpose of life when you are airborne. It feels like you are reborn! Keep it coming!

    1. Very true. We love it, how in our lives full of hustle it just gives us time to embrace the beauty of nature. Thank you for reading and sharing your experience. 🙂

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