More of Calmer You: By Sonal Kalra

Sonal Kalra
Peace at work….that’s all we need.

Book: More of a calmer you

Author: Sonal Kalra

Pages: 193

Price: Rs. 245

Publications: Wisdom Tree

Plot: Compendium of 57 articles, presented under different topics like:

  1. Calm-Sutra
  2. Relation-ships along
  3. Cubicle Chaos
  4. Mind it
  5. What the tech!
  6. Generation Trap
  7. I am me not Anna!
  8. Boast is the secret of my energy

Sonal Kalra in her charming and jocular style helps us to tackle everyday stress, be it complications in a relationship, work and colleagues related trouble, or problem with parents or extended family. Any daily life problem, from listening to a whiner or hearing taunts, or bigger problems like that of self-esteem. Name a problem and Sonal Kalra has a solution for it. To know more about these solutions log on to  and that too a cheesy one. 😉

But this is how the book is, okay… it’s not cheesy, but it’s humorous. Pleasurable to read and still succouring us to achieve more of calmer us.

My views: I have been a Sonal Kalra fan from a very long time. Waiting for Sunday HT City to read her columns and get disappointed whenever I see some other article there. I love her style, I love how in her fun-loving manner she manages to say deep and introspective things.

The book is simply written. Reading this book made me feels like as if the author is directly conversing with me. The book can be read anywhere and in any mood, it will manage to leave you smiling

With captivating characters like the imperturbable Pappu Singh, the incorrigible Chaddha Ji, and indefatigable Bubbly Aunty. More of Calmer You is like a perfect conversation with Sonal Kalra which makes our mood light and give simple yet doable suggestions to reduce stress from our lives.

Though while reading this book I realized that I am not a fan of collections of Newspaper columns or Blogs. When I read them weekly, I like the quirkiness and fun in it. But when I read a collection of it, the fun and quirkiness seem to be forced. So all I could say is that book is good in a way it is fun to read but at times this fun seems to be artificial and obligatory, and that made the book unstimulating for me.

Overall the book is just fine for me.

Recommendations: Want to read a simple, funny yet meaningful book? Go read this book.

Ratings: 3/5

Favorite Quotes:

  • The world has two kinds of people. Those who keep waiting for the right time to be happy, or those who…don’t postpone joy.
  • The biggest rule in the happiness formula is simple- abhi nahi to kabhi nahi.
  • There’s scope in this world for everyone to succeed. We only need to focus on the differences that set us apart rather than trying to be clones of each other in ‘cut-throat’ world.
  • Dear Cupid, next time, please strike both.
  • Be on a date with life and behave that your best is seen at any point by everyone. You never know who may fall in love with you.
  • Sometimes no words are needed.
  • Life’s too short to stay unhappy, my friend.

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