The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins: A book review

Book: The girl on the train

Author: Paula Hawkins

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Price: Rs. 250

Pages: 408

Plot: Rachel Watson commutes daily from London by train for work. While on her journey she engages herself in people watching. Not only watching, she makes fantasies about these people too. Her favourite out of everyone is a couple, a perfect couple whom she has named Jason and Jess. In her fantasy Jason and Jess have a flawless life, with a beautiful home, a perfect marriage full of love and trust, their life is beautiful. Just like what Rachel always wanted to have.

But one day Rachel sees Jess in her apartment with some other man, she is sure that this man is not Jason, and she saw Jess kissing this man. This disturbed her the couple was meant to be perfect but it is not, Jess is cheating on Jason.

girl on the train
The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins

And then after few days Jess disappears, she read the news and she was shocked, everyone is blaming Jason, but Rachel knows that it is not Jason who is at fault but Jess. But how would she tell this to everyone? Will anyone even believe her? Where is Jess? To know all this you have to read the book.

My Views: This book is a really quick read, with easy language and mystery in every page, you will just keep on turning the pages. I loved how the author has portrayed all the characters, they all have a grey side, and you will start suspecting all the characters. But twists and turns are so good that it will be difficult to get any closer to solve the mystery.

For me, I found the situations so messed up and still I thought that I solved the caseĀ  (overconfidence, I tell you) and then boom, I was wrong. Overall I would say I totally enjoyed reading this book, it is a page-turner. And definitely good for beginners.

Recommendations: If you like reading mystery books, then I will say that you should definitely read this book.

Ratings: 4/5

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