Prasad Nagar Lake, Rajendra Place

Prasad Nagar Lake
Peace amidst chaos!

Prasad Nagar Lake

Address: Prasad Nagar Lake, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, India

Nearest Metro Station: Rajendra Place

Phone: +91 11 332 0005(Tourist Information)

Best time to visit: Morning and Evening

How to reach: Walking distance from Rajendra Place metro station.

Cost: No entry fee

Timings: Open all days. Sunrise to Sunset.

Photography: Allowed

Prasad Nagar Lake
‘coz there’s nobody left, sitting in the water.

Why you should visit: The Prasad Nagar Lake is located in close proximity to the Karol Bagh district in the western part of Old Delhi. It is located in the west Karol Bagh area of Delhi. On a regular evening, you can find most locals residing in the surrounding areas going for their evening walks and enjoying the sunset. The park is home to several trees along with ducks quacking in the lake are a treat to watch. The lush green garden surrounded by shady trees makes it an apt picnic spot for both kids and families. This park is well maintained with its beauty of a Lake being surrounded with walk-away paths which are best for morning/ evening walks. The ducks here are an attraction for the kids feeding them with bread /dough can be a fun. Earlier boating was available at the lake by Delhi tourism but after some accidents, the boats have been taken back from the park. There are swings available at the park but are not in good condition for usage. The lake is nearby Kalindi College, University of Delhi. Students are often seen here as this place is a stress buster for them.

It is mostly known for the music festivals organized at the end of each year at its banks. The Delhi tourist development board also organizes special kayaking and canoeing festivals and training sessions here.

Prasad Nagar Lake
Shallow water is noisy, deep water is silent.

The Sharad Utsav: This Utsav is a much-acclaimed festival of Indian classical music, held every year at Prasad Nagar Lake in Delhi.

Sharad Utsav in Delhi is an annual festival that people of West Delhi look forward to. Organized by the Delhi Tourism Department, this festival showcases some of the finest Indian classical music and dance performances. The festival is organized every year with a view of promoting cultural activities in the bustling cosmopolitan city of Delhi.

Prasad Nagar Lake
Calm above the water, paddling underneath.

The term ‘Sharad’ means winter season, and as the title of the festival suggests, Sharad Utsav Prasad Nagar Lake is celebrated each year in the winter season only. During the festival, various cultural activities are organized, including exclusive folk dance performances of Rajasthan. Quite popular among the Fairs and Festivals in Delhi, Sharad Utsav Festival in Delhi attracts a large number of music enthusiasts from far and wide and is also popular among the tourists visiting the city.

An amazing blend of tradition and modernity, New Delhi – The fairs and festivals celebrated in Delhi like the Sharad Utsav Prasad Nagar Lake showcases the rich and diverse cultural heritage that the city boasts of.

Time of Celebration of Sharad Utsav Prasad Nagar Lake

Sharad Utsav Prasad Nagar Lake, Delhi is celebrated every year in the month of December. This year it might happen between 16th December – 23rd December 2016.

Recommendations: You should just go for it.

Rating: 4/5

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