Cheapest Places to get drunk: Kyunki Sharaab sasti hai!!!!

Yes! you all alcoholics, here we have a man who will take you to places in Delhi-NCR where you can get liquor at the cheapest price and chug gallons of alcohol down your throat because here sharaab is cheap af. 😉

No one gives such important information these days and you wouldn’t wanna miss out on Sagar’s new videos we are sure. P.S.- You gotta subscribe yourself for #sastisharaab videos on Sagar Duggal’s youtube channel. So, what are you waiting for? Click the link quickly & get yourself subscribed ya’ll!

Recommendation: Visit these restaurants/bars with your family & friends to have a ‘brewing’ experience. Sagar Duggal will make you fall in love with these with all the free information!

In the meanwhile, do check out Thesagarduggal’s Facebook and Instagram page for more information.

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