To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird: Book Review

To Kill A Mockingbird
To Kill A Mockingbird

Book: To Kill A Mockingbird

Author: Harper Lee

Price: Rs. 250

Pages: 309

Publications: Arrow Books

Plot: Set in 1930s, in Maycomb a small town where every family knows other family. In this town  lives a family, Atticus, a lawyer, a widower with his two children Jem (his son) and Scout (his daughter)  whom he raise with the help of a black caretaker Calpurnia.

The book outlines the time duration of 3 years and in these 3 years, though Maycomb does not face any big changes but Atticus’s family does. In the last year, narrated in the book, Jem and Scout found that their father is defending a Black man who is accused of raping and beating a young White woman.

Young children faced many troubles  in the course of this case, but there was one thing which kept them going, their faith in their father.

But is Atticus being virtuous by defending a Black man? Is Tom (Black man) is really innocent? If yes, would he be able to prove that he is  unblemished?

Well, I am not going to spill the beans 😉 . You have to read it to find it out.

My Views: The best part about the book?

The fact that it is narrated by Scout, yes the youngest of the family. These young eyes describing her life in school, her neighbors, expounding how being a Tom boy has become a headache  for women in her extended family. Acquiring  maturity in three years, she and her brother Jem witness an incident of racial discrimination in their town. Their young minds questioning this reality and trying to make sense of it.

Scout’s curiosity, her innocence brings fun to the book. I laughed at reading her innocent yet sarcastic exposition  in the book.

The book has raised the issue of racial discrimination. Set in 1930 this book brings to us not only the reality of that time, but reality of present time too. Where we still discriminate people on the basis of color, caste, class or be it gender. A bitter truth of society brought in this book through the young eyes of Scout.

I loved the novel, hoisting a sober  issue, but yet fun to read .

Recommendations: I will suggest this book to every  novel reader. Definitely a book worth reading.

Ratings: 5/5


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