Paneer Piccante

Jamie’s Pizzeria, Food Review: Pizza is the circle of life.



Jamie’s Pizzeria

Address : Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden, New Delhi.

Nearest Metro Station : Subhash Nagar.

Cuisines : Pizza, Italian.

Opening Hours : 11 AM to 11 PM

Cost : Rs. 800 for two.

Cash and cards accepted.

Contact : 011 33107621

Ambiance : Pleased by the light-hearted ambiance including hand-crafted wall decor. TV showcasing Jamie Oliver’s shows and a nice seating arrangement.

Menu : One may get displeased by the compact menu, but has to twiddle thumbs till the food comes.

What we had : We were two. Visited this place for digging in some cheesy thin crust pizzas. We ordered ‘Paneer Piccante’ ( spicy paneer, roasted bell peppers, mozzerella, lemon, ginger and coriander) worth Rs. 375. This was a yummy thin crust  pizza loaded with cheese and fresh veggies which popped up our taste buds. To all those who want to try out thin crust pizza and are cheese lovers, this place is a must go.

Service : The staff was nice. It was a delight to be served by cute staffpersons ( Bingo Girls !) 😉

Recommendation : Overall its a value for money outlet. Worth a visit for delactable pizzas.

Cheers team @Jamie’s Pizzeria.

Ratings : 4/5


9 thoughts on “Jamie’s Pizzeria, Food Review: Pizza is the circle of life.”

  1. KomSon, a cool brush there. Any accompaniments ? Did you guys skip juice by design, perhaps? And what time of the day would you advise for a visit? Thanks a heap!

    1. Hey Joe, we had cold drink with pizza, and that’s not juice but sauce in the pic 😉
      And for timings, we went there at lunch time and we would recommend it because it was not very crowded there at that time.
      Thank you and keep reading 🙂

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