Mehrauli Archeological Park: Jamali Kamali’s Mosque

mehrauli archeological park

Jamali Kamali’s Mosque & Tomb

Address:  Mehrauli Archeological Park, New Delhi.

Nearest Metro Station: Qutub Minar

How to Reach: Take auto-rikshaw from Qutub Minar Metro Station

Timings: 6 AM – 6 PM

Opens: All weekdays

Cost:  Entry Free

Photography: Allowed

What’s inside?

As you take a leisurely walk in the sandstone tracks of the Mehrauli Archeological Park in Delhi, less than half a Kilometer from the renowned Qutub Minar, you’ll find yourself in the premises of the abandoned forgotten mosque. You would’ve reached the Jamali Kamali’s Mosque. This architectural structure comprises of two monuments. One being the mosque and the other being the tomb of two people who go by the name Jamali and Kamali.

mehrauli archeological park

The mosque brings to life the grand Mughal architecture style with high ceilings and intricate designs. Built in 1528-29, it is claimed to be a forerunner in the designs of Mughal mosque architecture in India. Notably, the Mughal style jharokha system that was missing from earlier monuments.



mehrauli archeological park

Jamali which means beauty and positivity are the alias of the Sufi saint Shaikh Hamid bin Fazlullah, who was also known as Shaikh Jamaluddin Kamboh Dehlwi, Shaikh Jamali Kamboh, or Jalal Khan. The poor saint had a prodigious life. His poetry landed him a place in the courts of Sikandar Lodhi. He lived through the famous battle of Panipat, 1526. Had a place in Babar’s court and died during the lifetime of Humayun. It is said that it was Humayun himself who had the tomb built after Jamali’s death in 1535. It took a whole year to make the mosque, from 1528-1529, during the reign of Humayun.

mehrauli archeological park
Jamali Kamali’s Tomb on the other side of the door.

Who Kamali was? Remains a tantalizing mystery.

Some say he was a disciple, brother or servant of Jamali. American author, Karen Chase, in her book Jamali-Kamali: A tale of passion in Mughal India, mentions that they were both homosexual partners. A few others believe that Kamali was the beloved wife of Jamali.

mehrauli archeological park

The place also attracts some adventurous ghost busters as there have been tales of inexplicable phenomena including Iris sounds and sighting of parishes.

There is no entry fee here, and one can see kids playing and elderly people taking a walk in the park surrounding the monuments. Approachable from all parts of Delhi. This place is a haunted one and not at all safe after the evening.

mehrauli archeological park

So, all you history buffs and those looking for a new muse. Jamali-Kamali is the place to visit.

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