How to start reading: Reading tips for beginners

How to start reading books

In my last post, you read about the importance of reading a book, but there are times when you want to read but you cannot make it a regular habit. You read for a few days and then you get busy in some important work and you could not complete the book. So today I am going to tell you a few tips which might help you in developing the habit of regular reading.

how to start reading

  1. Choose a book of your interest: It is very important to choose a book of the genre which interests you. Picking a book randomly just because you saw many pictures of it on Instagram is not at all worth it. Think of it in this way, suppose you want to watch a movie or start watching a new series, you will search for the kind of movies which interests you, be it rom-com, horror, action or anything. Same is the case with books. Start making notes on which kind of movies or shows you enjoy the most, maybe you can get an idea from that and will get to know a little bit about your choice.

I was a teenager when I first started reading, and my favourite genre at that time was ‘mystery’, so I started with Nancy Drew books. Similarly, you can think about your interest area and look for a book in that genre.

  1. Start with a thin book: Now when you know about your interest do not go over the board with it. Start with a thin book. Starting with a thick book will always leave you overwhelmed.

Nancy Drew books are thin, so I never had this thought that how will I even finish it, I finished those books in 3-4 days easily. So don’t make the mistake of starting with a thick book.

  1. Fix a time to read: You have to fix a time to read books. If you think that you will read whenever you will get time in a day, then that is not gonna happen, because you will always have something ‘important’. So it is really important to have 30 minutes or 1 hour in a day which is fixed for reading. You can read while commuting in the metro, or before sleeping, in the evening. Whatever suits you the best, but make sure you follow this routine.

I became an avid reader during my Masters, before that it was just on and off. I use to read while commuting in the metro. So I have these fixed hours of reading, 2 hours of a day were sufficient for me. You can start with 30 minutes, it will be really helpful to develop a routine.

  1. Reduce internet time: Now this is the most difficult one. I know we all love our time on Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook and many other sites. But if you want to develop the habit of reading you have to reduce your time on the internet. Make it a decision and consciously try to use the internet in fact, you can keep your mobile on silent or away from yourself while reading.
  2. Set a goal: Now by this, I do not want you to set a very high goal. Start slowly, we cannot develop a habit in a go, it takes time. You can set a goal of reading one book in a month or anything which suits you. When you set a goal, you actually want to achieve it. And if this goal is out of your reach you will feel demotivated and won’t be able to achieve it. So start slow.

I remember I use to finish one or two books in a month. But gradually my reading speed has increased. So don’t be harsh on yourself, give yourself time, if you want to make it happen then it definitely will.

  1. Keep your book always with you: This will help you in getting some more time to read. While waiting for someone, or waiting for your food to arrive in a restaurant whenever you are all alone, books can prove out to be really interesting companions in these lonely times.

As I told you I use to read in the metro, so I always had my book in my bag, and I still carry my book in the bag. They are my favourite kind of saviours while waiting for someone.

That’s it, these were 6 steps which I took when I started reading. So if you are convinced with my last post that you should start reading books, then try following these tips, maybe it will help you. And if you are still not convinced, then go read my last post again here. 😉

And if you are looking for some book recommendations, then click here.

I will see you in the next post.

Love you all, Bye.

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