The Da Vinci Code: Book Review

Book: The Da Vinci Code

Author: Dan Brown

Price: Rs. 210

Pages: 593

Publication: Corgi Books

Plot: Robert Langdon, a Harvard Professor and symbologist, gets a late night call during his visit to Paris. Through the subsequent incidences, he got to know that Jacques Sauniere is murdered in his own museum Louvre, and he is the prime suspect in the murder.

To his rescue came the grand-daughter of Jacques Sauniere, Sophie Neveu, a cryptologist. Together they fell into the world of secrets, Holy Grail and the codes of Da Vinci. Langdon and Sophie both have to decipher the codes of this puzzle to reveal the secret which has its roots deep in the history.

My Views: The book is a full of thrill, suspense, action, and mystery. It’s an engaging, twisted and will keep you on your toes. The book is a page turner.The scenes are so well brought up, that it seems like we are watching a full entertaining movie. Though I find it little challenging to understand it in one go because of some symbols and reference to History (which I didn’t know). But that didn’t stop me from completing the book.

I loved how Langdon and Neveu solved the puzzles, getting all the points together, filling the gaps in each other’s knowledge. It must have taken a lot of pain to write a book with so many puzzles and codes. I truly appreciate Dan Brown for his extensive work of research and putting it together to form a really intelligent, non-fiction and a page turning book. It’s a book which has the parts of the plot in the History, and it is must be difficult to write a book like this.

Overall I really enjoyed reading my first Dan Brown book.

Recommendations: Read this book to experience the thrill and adventure. And yes be prepared to do alittle research about the symbols and the History. Because believe me, you will feel like that all that which is written in the book is true.

Ratings: 4/5

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