Three days in Cape Town

Cape Town

As soon as I hear ‘Cape Town’, I get nostalgic about my trip one year back. It was one of the best trips I ever had with my friend. We visited the city around the first week of February when this city sees the most tourism, with travelers flocking from all over the world to take advantage of the city’s sprawling beaches and outdoor attractions.

I have never come across a single city that offers so much to anyone who visits it. This place is perfect for party animals, for foodies, for countryside peace lovers, water-babies and for extreme sports enthusiasts. We managed to catch a little of everything in our three-day trip, but I am sure, next time I visit, I will still stumble upon something new.

Beaches and Adventures

Cape Town being a coastal city, there are hundreds of beaches, known and unknown, all across the city. From the day one, we made sure that we visit at least two each day so that we can explore maximum in less time. We stayed away from commercial beaches as much as possible. And the result was, GREAT!

Cape Town

Camps Bay Beach- Freezing but beautiful

Camps Bay is a wide beach with umbrellas and chairs to hire (or bring your own). Busy on weekends with limited parking, and an interesting mix of young and trendy with wealthier older travelers from posh nearby hotels.
It’s nice enough although the water is freezing cold – so not ideal for kids or those who actually want to enjoy the sea rather than lie on the sand or explore the nearby rocky areas.

Cape Town must be the second adventure capital of the world after New Zealand. You can try skydiving, Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Extreme water sports, Abseiling and the list goes on and on. So if you want some adrenaline rush, these are a must-do in South Africa.

Cape Town
Paragliding @ 1500 Ft above Sea Level.


Cape Town
Cable Car at Table Mountain – The easier way to go up the mountain compared to hiking

Table Mountain was recognized as one of the wonders of Nature in the year 2011. The flat-topped mountain has withstood six million years of erosion and hosts the richest floral kingdom on earth with over 1,470 floral species. Table Mountain boasts numerous rare and endangered species.

Cape Town
Bird’s eye view from Table Mountain


Cape Town
Flora and Fauna @ Table Mountain

South Africa has been very close to my heart for several reasons. And one among them is that this country is not only rich in flora and fauna but people of this country are equally amazing. I have never seen a community that is so friendly and pleasant. Apartheid was an unfortunate event in their history books but that has not stopped them from rebuilding their country into a beautiful tourist as well as a business destination.

Visit South Africa and you will know why it is also called a ‘Rainbow Nation’

Cape Town

  • This blog is written by one of our friends, Vivek Bagri, for more pictures of Cape Town check out his Instagram and Facebook profile. We hope that you all liked the post.

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  1. Vivek captured a glimpse of Cape Town in this piece. It is simply clean, friendly and rewarding. No wonder Vasco Da gama named it the Cape of Good Hope

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