Bhojtal or Uppar Lake- The oldest lake of Bhopal


Bhojtal, Uppar Lake- Bhopal

Address: Near CM House, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462030, India

Timings: Sunrise-Sunset

Tickets: Entry Free

Bhojtal, formerly known as Upper Lake, is a large lake which lies on the western side of the capital city of Madhya PradeshBhopal.

The oldest manmade lake in the country, it is known as Bada Talaab or the big lake. The Lake is constructed on the Kolas River and it is believed that King Paramara Raja Bhoj’s skin disease was cured by the huge lake he built. Once king Bhoj suffered from skin disease and all Vaidyas failed to cure him. Then, one day a saint told the king to build a tank to combine 365 tributaries and then have a bath in it to wipe out the skin disease. Bhoj called upon his engineers to build up a huge tank. They spotted a place near river Betwa, which was 32 km away from Bhopal. It was found that it has only 359 tributaries. A Gond Commander Kalia fulfilled this shortage. He then gave the address of an invisible river. After merging the tributaries of this river the number 365 was completed.

The lake was known as the Upper Lake or Bada Talab until March 2011 it was renamed to Bhojtaal in honor of the Great King Raja Bhoj who built it.  A huge statue of Raja Bhoj, standing with sword, was also installed on a pillar on one corner of the lake to cement the name of Bhopal as the city of lakes.

Within the vicinity of the lake, there is an attractive royal garden called Kamla Park, which makes its surroundings more scenic. The hub of all water sports activities in Bhopal, the lake is a favorite spot for adventure enthusiasts. The Upper (and bigger) Lake is separated from the smaller one by an overbridge. A boat club, walkway, and aquarium, serenaded by a cool breeze, makes the Upper Lake area delightful for a rendezvous. The lake also has the dargah of Shah Ali Shah, a Maulvi.

You can go boating here or just sit and watch the sun set over the gorgeous water. There are lots of stalls around the Boat Club selling food. If you’re an amateur photographer, this is the place you should head to. The various hues in the sky reflected in the water are a sight to behold. Look out for the lake if you’re flying into the city.

Sonam Rajput
Sonam Rajput is a student of Education at Central Institute of Education, University of Delhi. She is a foodie and enjoys going on historical walks and imagining the world that had been. She hopes to keep her love for history in tandem with her passion for travel and unravel cultures, and experiences while doing so.

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  1. Bhopal is a city of lakes just as we have a Lakes State in my country, South Sudan. A flyover lays bare the mesh of lakes and their allure. Gracious Bhopal!

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