And The Mountains Echoed: Book Review

And The Mountains Echoed...
And The Mountains Echoed…

Book: And The Mountains Echoed

Author: Khaled Hosseini

Price: Rs. 599

Pages: 402

Publications: Bloomsbury India

Plot: 1952, Afghanistan, Abdullah lives with his younger sister, his father, step-mother and one younger step brother. But his sister, Pari is the only family he considers to have. More like a parent to her, Abdullah can do anything for her. Be it giving away his only pair of shoes for a yellow feather which she wanted to have.

But their fate was not meant to be together. As the events unfold, they both part away.’Sometimes a finger must be cut to save the hand’ said his father.

But how could Abdullah agree to this? Pari was his only family, so he waited, to go out in the world, anywhere in the world in the search of his little sister, his angel.

Moved from Kabul to San Fransisco, now he has a family, a daughter named Pari and only one wish and desire.. to meet his sister.

Will he ever be able to meet his Pari?

My views: Khaled Hosseini has a rare thing, he writes so beautifully that one gets engaged in his stories. One of my favorite authors, I totally admire his writing style.

Again, this book is written very beautifully. It’s a long story and I won’t deny the fact that while reading this book I felt that it is outstretched. Outstretched in a way that the author describes the story of each and every character in the book. But the author proved me wrong, the ending of the book attaches all the strings together.

You need to be patient to read this book, as there are several stories within one. But I can assure you that you will be rewarded for this patience at the end. The ending is so beautiful, one of the best endings of all the books I have read till now. So beautifully expressed, so peaceful, it brought a smile on my face with tears in my eyes. And that not only once, but every time I think about it.

I liked the book, and I loved the ending.

Recommendations: I believe Khaled Hosseini is the one author whose all three books I can recommend blindly.

Ratings: 4/5

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