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Book Review: She had something to tell him. It was time : After all this time.

After All This time @tangled_tourista
After All This time @tangled_tourista

Book: After All this Time

Author: Nikita Singh

Pages:  220

Price: Rs 175

Publications: Penguin Books India

Plot: The story is about two best friends, Lavanya and Shourya. Living their lives in two different cities. While Shourya is stressed about his ex girlfriend, Lavanya’s life is entangled in its own way having both career and personal problems.

Their heartbreaks lead them back to their home in Delhi. In Delhi, succoring  each other in their difficult times they both discovered that they are in love with each other. But there is a secret, which Shaurya does not know. How will he respond  to it? Will their love overpower  this problem?

My reviews: Shourya’s reaction is what made me hooked to this book and I finished it in 2 days. I liked the uncertainty and apprehension which stirred in my mind while reading this book.

The plot of book is good, it heightened  my expectations in the beginning, but then it disappointed me. It became way too filmy at some points. The book fails to leave any kind of emotional impact which I was expecting. Overall this book dampened my interest in it.

Recommendations: If you like to read a filmy kind of book, then go for it.

Ratings : 3/5


4 thoughts on “Book Review: She had something to tell him. It was time : After all this time.”

  1. I was about to buy that book and was expecting a great story of above mentioned two guys,but now i will think twice before going for that book.
    Thanks admin,you are doing a great job

  2. A Daring stroke to uncover that secret might just be too much to attempt as the author probably wrestles her way down the path to suspense. It can get ” filmy” just because we teach literature in films these days. Great reflections there. Keep them coming…

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