A reader?

Oh, Are you a foodie? (Damn it, we lost some readers)

Ok, so are you a traveler? (Not again)

Well, if the answer to any of these questions is a big ‘Yes’, then keep reading because no, we haven’t lost any reader, maybe we have gained some. 😉

Hello friends,

Tangled Tourista is an online diary, which is about travel, food, and books. Here you will read about book reviews and suggestions, tested traveling tips and about new cafes and restaurants around and their reviews.

The bloggers here like to visit places, just like you would have visited. Keeping in mind our budget, waiting for buses, walking extra Km, to know if it is worth it or not. All the places, restaurants, attractions have been personally visited and are not sponsored by any other setup. Likewise, all the books we read are not read for the purpose of reviewing,  but for pleasure and learning.

We write this blog not because we are any experts, in fact, we are learners, who have this zest to share our experiences with you so that we all can learn together.

Two friends, one who appreciates books, and other who relish food, but wait we are not that different, we share one penchant and that is our inclination towards traveling, and yes one more our fondness in sharing our experiences. We both started this blog to talk about our ‘Love’.

One of us, Komal is doing a job while Sonam is pursuing her Masters from University of Delhi.

Join us in our journey where we will together fall in love with characters of books, where we will eat for the love of food and where we will travel the narrow streets and the wide open roads.

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With Lots of love